• We Build Brands and Businesses

What We Do

Dragonfly Black is a Business and Brand Strategy firm based in London, England.

  • We link Branding and Business Strategy - and embed them in Cultural Relevance
  • We eat, think and live intergenerational Pop Culture and Intersectionality
  • We look to join seemingly unconnected factors to create New Lanes and Positionings

The Dragonfly Black team of strategists, researchers, statisticians, designers, and website developers take a holistic approach – underpinned by our own methodologies.

We have been successful in applying our strategic frameworks to Nation, Corporate, Product, Service, Employee, and Personal Brands.

Dragonfly Black services the following industries: Food and Drink, Fashion, Cosmetics, Islamic Finance, Digital Technology, Tourism and Hospitality, Arts and Entertainment, Professional Services, Education, Personal Branding, Professional Training, Public Speaking and Community Engagement.

Also, we are experts in the growing Ethnic, Halal, Muslim minority and majority markets.

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Who We Are

Founding Partners, Professor Jonathan A.J. Wilson PhD and Entrepreneur/Investor Mohamed Geraldez MBA have over 40 years of combined industry experience, during which time they have won awards for commercial excellence and research.

There are few experts in this space with the DNA, pedigree, and authenticity to bring together into one commercial proposition:

  • Ethnic and cultural diversity in body and thought
  • Western and Eastern education
  • A reputation built on over 100 conference talks and 200 publications
  • Frequent travel to over 60 countries
  • An extensive and diverse network of key global contacts.

What We Can Do For You

Dragonfly Black offers the following services:

  • Market Research and Intelligence
  • Slow and Fast Cultural Trends Analysis
  • Integrated Product Augmentation, Innovation, and Positioning
  • Brand Architecture, Strategy and Execution
  • Brand, Logo and Typographic Design
  • Creative and Storyboarding
  • Copyrighting, Straplines and Speech Writing
  • Online Strategy, Website Design and Development
  • The Application of Sharia Law in a Commercial Context
  • Educational Design and Delivery
  • Cross-Culture Localization and Internationalization
  • Investment Portfolio Analysis
  • Personal Branding and Profile Building

We work on a retainer, or project-by-project basis - where we can:

  • Produce Bespoke Reports
  • Offer On-Site and Off-Site Expert Advice
  • Plug-In to Existing Functions, or Manage Campaigns and Projects
  • Deliver Workshops and Training
  • Offer Telephone/Video Consultations
  • Keynote or Chair Conference Panel Sessions

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Our Image Gestalt

The Dragonfly has graced land, water and air for over 300 million years. For Native Americans and Japanese it symbolizes purity, elegance, success, victory, happiness, strength, invincibility and courage. Dragonflies are the symbol of the Samurai because they never fly backwards and stay to fight.

Black symbolizes style, sophistication, elegance and intensity: black tie, little black dress, black gold, black abaya, black orchid, black swan, black ink, black coffee, black belt, and the black stone of the Kaaba.

We created the logo and brand, along with a series of monthly reports and strategy documents, outlining: new consumer segment classifications; a series of promotional campaigns; competitor analysis; insight into Halal; what Indonesia needs to do in order to create, position and frame a unique Halal experience.

We advised the Ministry of Tourism on how it can diversify, localize, and improve the marketing communications of its current offerings. We outlined a series of Omnichannel rich-media storytelling frameworks, linked to building the National Brand and services.

We undertook a brand audit of their rebrand, competitor analysis, and social media engagement analysis of their sponsorship deal with Liverpool Football Club. We presented our findings and delivered a half-day workshop to senior managers at Garuda’s headquarters in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Focusing on their UK Halal restaurants, we proposed ways to improve: the customer experience, communications with the Muslim community, inclusion and integration of Halal and diversity messaging within mainstream advertisements. We also structured and designed an internal communications poster for restaurant staff, to ensure adherence to food protocol.

We designed a new corporate logo, and series of sub-brands and certification logos. We advised on the tone of external communications and web design. We wrote press releases, web and print content.

Over several years, we have delivered a series of 3-5 day training workshops in Qatar, available to professionals throughout the Middle East, and simultaneously translated into Arabic. These have been on: Branding, Public Relations, Behavioural Psychology, and Image Creation.

1) Working with Human Resources and Recruitment on creative, photography and design of a series of posters, flyers and bunting. 2) Producing branding collaterals for a CSR initiative

We advised the founder on personal branding, corporate branding, brand positioning and business growth. We have created copy, generated media coverage, and organized speaking engagements.

In Malaysia and Singapore: We created a brand guide and corporate kit. We designed posters, flyers, menus, in restaurant decorations, online website and social media content, packaging, t-shirts and promotional items.

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